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Mark Edward Fischbach born June 28, [age 28] is an American vlogging and gaming YouTuber known by his username Markiplier. He mainly uploads playthroughs of various video games, most notably horror games, such as Neverending NightmaresAmnesia: His full-toned voice, in-depth style of gameplay commentary and multiple charitable acts have spanned a highly successful YouTube career. He is half-Korean from his mother and half-German from his is markiplier dating anyone, but despite his background he is only fluent in English.

He has attempted to speak Portuguese and other languages, but as per usual, it ends horribly. He knows some basic Korean courtesy of his mother, but very little. Mark studied to become a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati, but dropped out of college because it was too stressful for him.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Along with being a successful YouTuber, he is also an aspiring singer and song writter. His first channel was known as "Markiplier". It was his original gaming channel. On January 12, his channel was hacked by a twitter account called "OurMine. The video was soon deleted by YouTube during the middle of the day. He has accumulated more than 18 click subscribersand fans make a milestone video every time he hits a 1, milestone to show his fans his gratitude and often includes news is markiplier dating anyone upcoming projects.

He is был männerbekanntschaften надо considered to be the "most caring YouTuber" due to his heartfelt appreciation to his viewers and his tendency to show his emotion on camera. He is primarily known for his videos pertaining to SlenderSCP: He currently works is markiplier dating anyone a few is markiplier dating anyone, Tyler, his long time best friend since 4th grade, who mostly helps Mark with upcoming projects and events.

Ethan, a brown previously cyan haired guy who runs the channel CrankGameplays and is most known for helping Mark edit videos Mark does. All 4 have been shown in recent videos. Mark is currently in a relationship with Amy Nelson, who is a graphic designer known on twitter as iceddarkroast, and who has a new website coming up. They prefer to keep their relationship private, according to tweets from Amy.

It has been inactive since mid This play-through was one of the earliest horror game videos to feature Mark using a face cam. Originally a mod for the first Half-Life game, Cry of Fear has recently become a standalone game. He was very impressed with the quality of the mod, and the amount of work that had been put into creating original content for the mod. Although stumbling through the first couple of videos, he quickly adapted to the game and everything it threw at him.

An early playlist, and one of his most popular ones, is "Happy Wheels Highlights". He also likes to play popular "Markiplier-themed" mini-games.

The playlist can be found here. After trying a few times, he dedicated a few of his videos to a serious play-through of Slender: Haunt, which he eventually mastered as well. He has yet to complete the original Slender: The 8 Pages, Slender: The Arrival, Carnival, is markiplier dating anyone Christmas Special. Mark has said that the Christmas Special which replaces Slenderman with a jolly Santa Claus, the grim music with Christmas music, buildings with gift boxes, and static with "Ho ho ho!

He seems to have grown quite fond of Slenderman, as seen in his playthrough of the indie game called Evil, where a gargantuan version of Slenderman was seen. With such appearances, he took to calling Slenderman "Slendy.

As of late, Mark has stated that he feels like Slender has run its course, but despite that he does play new Slender games when they come out. Markiplier has played many indie horror games, dedicating multiple playlists to them. He takes suggestions from his subscribers, as well as finding them himself. Sometimes, Yamimash or other Is markiplier dating anyone recommend games is markiplier dating anyone him, or he plays games that other YouTubers played that he finds intriguing.

After the gameplay, Mark admitted he had a wrong idea about RPG games and that they too can be scary. Most of his fans suggest he plays the newer version of Corpse Party or Misao, both of which he said he will be playing as soon as he finds time for it.

When he realized his mistake he promised is markiplier dating anyone do the newer version of Corpse Party as soon as he finds time, as the newer Corpse Party is ты, singles bad breisig что very lengthy game. After he plays the games he usually gives a short critique about the game before ending the continue reading Whatever atmosphere the game had grown in the first moments of the experience was completely obliterated soon after.

Often citing Amnesia as a truly terrifying game, Markiplier has dedicated many of his videos to the play-through of both Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and custom stories made for the game. So far, his favorite custom stories seem to be: Here is a list of his Custom Story playthroughs:.

Although very excited for the game, he feels it was lacking is markiplier dating anyone the fear factor that made The Dark Descent such a good horror game. That being said, he is markiplier dating anyone appreciates it for what it is, despite the disappointment in his exceptions for the game. After the release of version 0. After another halt, Mark came back again with the release of version 0.

The first season consisted of 32 episodes and ran until early December. A spin-off series entitled "Drunk Prop Hunt" also appeared. The series came to an abrupt end at episode is markiplier dating anyone For health reasons Markiplier can no longer drink alcohol. Mark started his play-through the is markiplier dating anyone day the game was released, and was confused as to why there was no animatronic in the first night.

Once he reached night 2, Mark stumbled through the game for a few tries, but eventually learned how to play and zipped through the game easily. Once he beat night five, he was confused is markiplier dating anyone to why there were multiple endings. He then completed nightmare mode in 2 is markiplier dating anyone in the next episode.

In his latest episode, Mark got the good ending and stated that even though the series had ended, it was a great game and stated that many people who is markiplier dating anyone horror games played the game out of curiosity. Markiplier started his run on the game the day it was released to the public. He had struggled with the breathing mechanic when the animatronics were close to the door, and died four times on the first night figuring it out.

After getting through the breathing mechanic issues, he eventually zipped to the fifth night, where he started having struggles once again on how to counter Nightmare Fredbear. Confused with the story of FNaF and how everything fits in, he ignores it and continues into the sixth night, which he beat in two tries, only dying once to Nightmare Fredbear, still being very confused by the plot in the process. Playing Nightmare mode, he died three times and made it through.

Markiplier has played is markiplier dating anyone horror games a few times. He has played a game called Primal Fear, which he is considering playing co-op with other YouTubers. However, he has let his subscribers decide. Mark has done numerous live-streams on Twitch. He said is markiplier dating anyone he thought it was better to have his streams on the same website, to make it more convenient and more connected to his channel.

Mark then went through with it, doing his first YouTube livestream click at this page September of However, Mark switched back to Twitch for his June charity livestream to take advantage of Twitch-enabled games and interact more is markiplier dating anyone his fans.

His Twitch account can be found here. Markiplier showcases some of the fan-animated videos on his channel and in return, is able to pay the artist for their work. Another animator that animates for Markiplier is a youtuber that goes by the name GrittySugar.

She has made a minimum amount of animations for Markiplier. Markiplier also has a history with music. He made one of his older Outro music tracks. This was known as "Funky Outro", and it was homemade by Markiplier himself. The Musical — Night 2". According to "The Markiplier Quiz", Mark has played the trumpet in a school band. He portrayed Спасибо, single wohnung erfurt него announcer for the new "family" game known as "Super Smash Brothers".

While collaborating with other YouTuber, and close friend, Matthias, in challenges such as the Disney Song challenge and the "Never Have I Ever" game, he admitted to taking a few singing lessons. He is currently practicing by himself to improve his musicial skill through voice and instruments. Markiplier has had a somewhat successful acting career in his life. He has done acts for a variety of films and TV shows, particularly "Smosh: He has also been in multiple YouTube videos that involve him acting.

He is rather good at it and has said he has lots of fun doing it. Mark has also made high-production sketches in which him and his friends display their acting skills.

In FebuaryMark posted "A Date With Markiplier", a "choose your own continue reading style sketch that has over is markiplier dating anyone videos and 10 possible endings. Filmed and edited within the span of a week, it was met with very high praise from fans and is said to be a testement to the vigilance and effort of Mark and his team. Markiplier has also done voice work for video games, TV shows, and other YouTube channels.

He voiced himself in the video game "PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist", and even PewDiePie himself said that he was a very good voice actor. In his Reading Your Comments singletrail pforzheim, he said that he was the voice actor for the character 5. While is markiplier dating anyone, such as ChaoticMonkiplay with a subdued, sarcastic, and sometimes panicked mood, and others such as PewDiePie play with a constantly confused, panicked, and action-packed way, Mark plays with a mixture of both.

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Is he going to make mistakes? Is he going to seek out so one as a partner eventually? And from this recent heat in the fandom it seems like yes, Markiplier does have a girlfriend and yes, he did hide it from the fandom. Can I blame him? Yes you have a right to how you more info, but weighing in and giving such a negative backlash against even the slightest implication of him dating someone and getting tied down is markiplier dating anyone the entire reason he probably hid his possible girlfriend in the first place.

Is markiplier dating anyone all that grief that you put out is what he was possibly trying to shield her from. Throwing a hissy fit abt him is treating him subhuman. Your not his significant other!!!!! Even if you had hoped of that happening!!!!!! Mark is not our property and what he does in his private and personal life is NOT something we control. He can date and have a relationship like we all can. What right do you have to link hate and mean comments?

Who gave you the right to say what Mark or anyone else can do? Just because you are a fan does not give you the right. Making Amy radio singlebörse hamburg means that you will also hurt Mark. Some were horrible to Jess, so I hope that will not be repeated and Mark wants to keep his private life So stop being a spoiled brat and get use to the idea that not all is about you and what you want.

I support those two because I want Mark to be happy! Amy is not some fame hungry person, she does not gain anything by being with Mark. She said Youtube is not her thing or she has never boasted about their relationship. It is cool that they share some pics And what did you think you gain by trying to make Amy go away or being mean to her?

Telling lies, making rumours and speculations? Are so jealous or just plain wicked person? Amy is dating Mark for who he is, Mark Fischbach, not Markiplier. You love the image you have of Mark and because he is your idol, I get that and that is good. Is markiplier dating anyone he is not alone anymore, we can never replace a true relationship and actually walk this life with him.

The relationship is public and there are consequences for that, but do we show that appreciation towards Read more by attacking Is markiplier dating anyone Do you really wanna see the day Amy leaves because of US? How do you think Mark will feel about Usabout this community he holds dear? I hope to God is markiplier dating anyone he ever needs to choose, he will choose Amy.

He looks really happy and just like an absolute goof, honestly, so cute. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Is markiplier dating anyone recent Most popular Most recent.

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Nov 25,  · This question has been asked a lot; but does Markiplier have a girlfriend? There's a girl on Twitter that he follows and she is also following him. She is Status: Open.
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We encourage any positive content to be posted as long as it falls within the realm of Mark/Markiplier. Any content which does not fall under this rule will be removed without prejudice. Moderators reserve the right to ban anyone .
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Nov 25,  · This question has been asked a lot; but does Markiplier have a girlfriend? There's a girl on Twitter that he follows and she is also following him. She is Status: Open.
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