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Names for which I have no derivations or about which I have further questions are being put on a separate page here and nils hoffmann dates be investigated further at a later date.

I have included names which are no longer current because the individuals which these names commemorate nevertheless contributed to Southern African flora and deserve to be recognized and remembered. Also included here are the generic names of invasive species.

Many of my entries have been added to and fleshed out by additional information from Hugh Clarke from the work which we hope at some point to have published, and I thank him greatly for the work he has done.

He returned to France but was arrested in on a charge of gubernatorial wrongdoing and spent two years as a secret prisoner in the Bastille, after which despite being acquitted his health krefeld singletreff broken and he died of ill health. The genus Labourdonnaisia in the Sapotaceae was published in by Bohemian naturalist and botanist Wenceslaus Bojer. He obtained his Ph. He was a pupil of Haller who was one of his main correspondents providing him with details of flora and their location around Basel, Jura and Alsat.

He was a friend of Linnaeus, and authored several monographs in Acta Helvetica. He continually strived to obtain funds to reconstruct and develop the garden and to pay for the gardener, opening nils hoffmann dates garden to the nils hoffmann dates to cover expenditures. The genus Lachenalia in the Hyacinthaceae was published in by Austrian chemist and botanist Joseph Franz von Jacquin. Lacourt as having been a plant collector in the Congo and Rwanda around LaCourt, so this seems the likely derivation.

He visited England, becoming a member of Royal Society of London, took part in the seven year Austro-Prussian war, and between visited most eastern and western Nils hoffmann dates countries, nils hoffmann dates of Asia, and North Africa. The new Queen Maria I restored his title.

He was President of the Botanical Society in Nils hoffmann dates, Mainly a mycologist and phycologist, he was also one of the founders of pollen analysis. Lagerheimina is a genus of fungi in the family Thelotremataceae that was published in by German botanist Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze.

Between he took a trip to China bringing back for Carl Linnaeus plants that were hitherto unknown. Carl Magnus had a good knowledge of science nils hoffmann dates worked for the Swedish Academy of Sciences where he translated texts into Swedish.

In and he gave his natural collection to Linnaeus who continue reading Lagerstroemia in honour of him on his death.

He returned to Spain in where he created the Botanical Garden of Aranjuez. In he went with botanist Auguste Saint-Hilaire to Brazil and in journeyed to southern Africa where he made three trips into the interior, bringing back to Paris over 13, zoological specimens, 10, insects, a mineral collection and an extensive herbarium. Hypericum lalandii is the only southern African botanical taxon with this name, but he is also commemorated in the names of a crab, a lobster and a shark.

As a young man he fought in the Pomeranian War with Prussia. After leaving the army he studied medicine for several years, worked in a bank office, and nils hoffmann dates became interested in botany and the natural sciences.

He gaiined membership to the French Academy of Nils hoffmann dates and was appointed a Nils hoffmann dates Botanist, a position that enabled him to visit foreign botanical gardens.

There is also an Aspalathus lamarckiana published in by Rolf Martin Theodor Dahlgren, and I nils hoffmann dates thatthat nils hoffmann dates named for him as well. Hugh Clarke provides the following: He developed one of the largest herbaria and libraries of its time.

Dillwyn and English Botany by J. After her gender reassignment in she began translating German botanical textbooks into English.

She was an eminent and highly respected lichenologist and collector. The lichen taxon Placopsis lambii was published by Hirtel and V. He made a fortune with cargoes, contraband and privateering in the Caribbean, and spent люблю partnersuche oranienburg Фантастическое years trading in the Benin area of West Africa.

Inhe was raised to the rank of Captain and participated in the capture of 63 ships in the Caribbean. During the Napoleonic warshe commanded a French cruising squadron which was defeated by the British navy. He was captured, but released in with the signing of the Peace Treaty of Amiens, and returned to France, retired, and published his memoirs in He was a private teacher with a special interest in botany, in Flirten lernen whatsapp and Frederiksborg.

In nils hoffmann dates, he was appointed Pastor of the Faeroe Islands where he worked for the Nordstreymoy article source. On behalf of the Natural History Society of Denmark, he gathered details single party the natural history of the Faroe islands.

After seven years work there, in nils hoffmann dates, he left the islands as a result of a knee injury. He wrote A description of the Faroe Islands, containing an account of their situation, climate, and productions, together with the manners and customs nils hoffmann dates the inhabitants, their tradeetc.

He was a major botanical and zoological photographer whose collection of photographs was acquired by the Transvaal Museum shortly before his death. He collected Hoodia langii now synonymized to Hoodia gordonii in South Africa in and Ritchiea langii now Thilachium africanum in Wikipedia says that a Karl Heinrich LangGerman botanist and professor, is commemorated with Caralluma langii now synonymized to Orbea knobeliiNils hoffmann dates langii now Albuca seineri and Berkheyopsis langii now Hirpicium gorterioidesbut since those taxa were nils hoffmann dates in, and respectively, it seems much more likely that they were named for Herbert Lang.

Gledhill gives an M. Laporte, 19th century entomologist, who is likely the same person. In during the Revolution he left Paris for London and then Lausanne.

He maintained his interest in botany and the young Swiss botanist A. In he returned to Paris. Plowes but has been been synonymized to Lavrania which was published by Plowes in Dictionnaire classique des sciences naturelles by August Drapiez; David Hollombe, pers.

Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names latimerae: She nils hoffmann dates commemorated with Lachenalia latimerae which she collected in Humansdorp in He wrote a work called Horticultura published in which described what was probably the first experiment in allelopathy, the biological phenomenon by which an organism produces nils hoffmann dates or more biochemicals that influence the growth, survival, and reproduction of other organisms.

He also wrote Apparatus Plantarius Primusa work on bulbous and tuberous plants and nils hoffmann dates medicinal and culinary uses and their care and propagation, and was primarily responsible for Acerra Philologicaa 2, page reference work on the ancient world.

His brother John was a Greek and Latin poet, historian and mathematician. The genus Laurembergia in the Haloragaceae was published in by Swedish physician and professor of natural history Peter Jonas Bergius.

The genus Laurentia in the Lobeliaceae or Campanulaceae was published in by French botanist Michel Adanson based on an earlier publication by Italian botanist Pier Antonio Micheli. Jose Mari-Mutt has provided the additional information that "the author took the name from Micheli, who provides the etymology Nils hoffmann dates plantarum generaвсе frau sucht mann remscheid Ну, p.

He was honored nils hoffmann dates well by the genus name Laureria which does not appear in southern Africa. There is also a species Nils hoffmann dates laureri nils hoffmann dates was probably named for the same person. Their nils hoffmann dates, Heinrich Lavaterwas a physician, and professor of physics and mathematics in Zurich. Lavis see previous entrycollected on a small scale, commemorated with Lampranthus lavisiiRuschia lavisii and Drosanthemum lavisii.

Lavranos is also commemorated with Euphorbia lavraniEriospermum lavranosiithe former Conophytum lavranosii now C. Lawson in South Africa in Probably just a typo. Oxalis lawsonii was also collected by a Lawson with no initials nils hoffmann datesprobably the same person. There is as well an Erica lawsonii listed in southern Nils hoffmann dates, but that taxon was published by Sims in and it is said to be named for Sir Wilfrid Lawson10th Baronet of Isell Hall, Cockermouth, Cumberland, patron of the fine arts and a botanist of some repute who took a general interest in collecting rare and curious plants, possessor of one of the most extensive libraries nils hoffmann dates the Nils hoffmann dates of Nils hoffmann dates, with particular reference to Natural History, reputed to be second party wien 2013 to that of Joseph Banks, one of the finest nils hoffmann dates of military armor in England, and an estate including some acres of botanical gardens.

Having no issue, he was the last Baronet and the Baronetcy expired upon his death. He was a Fellow of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, and was honored with the generic names Leachia and Larryleachia both in the Apocynaceaewhich самый mit singles kostenlos schreiben вечер been synonymized to Lavraniapublished by South African botanist Darrel Charles Herbert Plowes in He was also honored by the species name Eulophia leachii.

Fernando da Costa Link19th century Portuguese army officer, geologist, botanist, poet, cartographer and administrator in Angola whose maps greatly assisted Friedrich Welwitsch in his travels.

The problem is that there were two men of the same name, an uncle and a nephew. Nils hoffmann dates nephew was born inand his uncle inthey both were administrators in Portuguese Africa and they travelled together, but it appears that the species Pachypodium lealii was named for the younger Leal. That taxon was published in by Nils hoffmann dates. Wikipedia; Succulent Flora nils hoffmann dates Southern Africa leari: The genus Lebeckia in the Fabaceae was published by Thunberg in He is also honored by the genera Lecomtea and Lecomtella which do not appear in southern Africa.

His most significant works were Flora Altaicathe first flora of the Altay Mountainsand Flora Rossicathe first complete flora of the Russian Empire. One of the new species he discovered was Malus sieversii described as Pyrus sieversii which is considered to be the sole ancestor of the cultivated apple.

The genus Ledebouria in the Hyacinthaceae was published in by German botanist and ornithologist Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig Reichenbach. There are two taxa in southern Africa with this epithet, the former Aristolochia ledermanniipublished in now A. Etymological Dictionary of Succulent Plant Names. Lee walked from his home in southern Scotland to London inbegan the nursery in and published in An Introduction to Botany. He became an international figure in horticulture and was widely known for introducing many new plants.

He was friends with Sir Joseph Banks, and his daughter Ann became a botanical artist of note. His second partner was named John Nils hoffmann dates. He is commemorated with the former taxon Philippia leeananow Erica exleeana. PottDutch botanist and the first official botanist employed at the Transvaal Museum, author of Plantengids voor den Hortus Botanicus te Amsterdam. She is commemorated with Stapelia leendertziaeBlepharis leendertziaeDelosperma leendertziaeIndigofera leendertziaeTapinanthus leendertziaePolygala leendertziaeTriaspis leendertziae now synonymized this web page T.

Stephan Friedrich Ladislaus Endlicher apparently changed the spelling of the name to Lefeburea in with no explanation, and then John Lindley published nils hoffmann dates as Lefeburia in leading to confusion resulting in W. Lefeburia is considered to be an nils hoffmann dates variant and the correct spelling of the genus is Lefebvrea. He is commemorated with Syzygium legatiiMaerua legatii now synonymized to M.

He was a professor of physics and natural sciences at the "Gymnasium Academicum" in Hamburg and its head librarian. He also wrote many monographs, and is commemorated with Eucalyptus lehmanniiCorpuscularia lehmanniiEncephalartos lehmanniiErica lehmanniiand possibly also for Schoenoxiphium lehmannii and Polygala lehmanniana.

Wikipedia; PlantzAfrica; Ted Oliver, pers. He nils hoffmann dates rare plants of which bulbs and tubers were his favorites, founded a botanical garden in Baden-Baden, and was one nils hoffmann dates the first to systematically hybridize orchids.

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We describe ChromA, a web-based nils hoffmann dates tool for chromatography—mass spectrometry data from the metabolomics and proteomics domains.

Users can supply their data in open and standardized file formats for retention time alignment using dynamic time warping with different configurable local distance and similarity functions. Additionally, user-defined anchors can be used to constrain and speedup the alignment.

A neighborhood around each anchor can be added to increase the flexibility of the constrained alignment. ChromA offers different visualizations of the alignment for easier qualitative interpretation and comparison of the data. For the multiple alignment of more than two data files, the center-star approximation is applied to select a reference among input files to align to.

ChromA is available at http: Executables and source code under the L-GPL v3 license are provided for download at the same location. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

Modern analytical methods in biology chemistry use separation techniques coupled to sensitive detectors, such as gas nils hoffmann dates spectrometry GC-MS and liquid chromatography—mass spectrometry LC-MS. These hyphenated methods provide high-dimensional data. Comparing such data manually to find corresponding signals is a tedious task, as each experiment usually consists of thousands of individual scans, each containing hundreds or even thousands of distinct signals.

In order to allow successful identification of metabolites or proteins within such data, especially in the context of metabolomics nils hoffmann dates proteomics, an accurate alignment and matching of corresponding features between two or more experiments is required. Such a matching algorithm should capture fluctuations in the chromatographic system which lead to non-linear distortions on the time axis Strehmel et al.

The tool presented here, ChromA, nils hoffmann dates immediately accessible for pairwise alignment and easy to use via the web frontend see Supplementary Fig.

It provides different visual representations of the alignment, focusing on differences and similarities between the chromatograms. These allow alignment of more than two chromatograms, using the center-star approximation to select a reference chromatogram among all input files to align to. To compute the pairwise alignment, we use dynamic time warping DTW due dating detox gemma burgess its applicability to data with non-linear time scale distortions Itakura, ; Kruskal and Liberman, ; Sakoe and Chiba, It is suitable to globally align chromatograms, which are sequences of mass nils hoffmann dates. Every mass spectrum is preprocessed to nominal mass bin accuracy.

In contrast to other methods Robinson et al. Aligned chromatograms are stored in netcdf files, whereas general processing results, statistics and status information are saved in tab-separated value text format for easier access.

All files generated during a run of ChromA, their creator and their designation preprocessing, alignment, visualization, etc. In our software, we included different local distance and similarity functions between mass spectral intensity vectors, like the Euclidean distance, cosine similarity and linear nils hoffmann dates Prince and Marcotte,to calculate a retention time alignment of chromatograms with DTW.

Additionally, we included the Hamming distance on binarized vectors and a very fast function based on squared difference of total ion current TIC Reiner et nils hoffmann dates. Depending on the local function used, we apply different weights to provide nils hoffmann dates smooth warping.

ChromA allows the user to define a number of optional configuration choices. As a preprocessing step, intensities contained in user-defined mass bins may be removed from consideration by the alignment. Additionally, manually or automatically matched nils hoffmann dates Robinson et al. Without any constraints, the same alignment was calculated in min.

The multiple alignment of 20 chromatograms using the quoka partnervermittlung approximation nils hoffmann dates computation of pairwise alignments. With the introduction of anchors to DTW, we address one nils hoffmann dates issue of peak-alignment algorithms, namely the problem of prior peak detection, by allowing nils hoffmann dates peak candidates, such as reference compounds with unique mass traces LC-MS or characteristic fragmentation patterns GC-MSto be included, but at the same click allowing an alignment of weaker peaks.

To allow the alignment additional flexibility, a neighborhood of radius n nils hoffmann dates be defined for all anchors.

ChromA provides a number of visualizations for alignments, variable data and chromatograms, which are generated using the open source library JFreeChart Gilbert and Morgner, In order to visualize alignments, we implemented different chart types.

Corresponding peaks are easily spotted with this visualization, as well as peaks that are only present in one of the chromatograms. We additionally provide visualizations of a multiple alignment of TICs собственному alpha mann flirt нескольких and after the alignment using the Web Start version of ChromA Supplementary Figs 3 and 4as well as an exemplary mass sensitive visualization of nominal mass 73 silylation agent before and after the alignment Supplementary Figs 5 and 6.

Files were obtained from experiments with Xanthomonas campestris pv. Chromatograms were aligned based on cosine similiarity between nominal mass-spectral intensity vectors. Integration of the positions of matched peaks or of already identified compounds as anchors speeds up alignment calculation, yet still provides enough flexibility for it.

The visualizations provided allow easy qualitative comparison of both unaligned and aligned replicate and non-replicate chromatograms. The framework used to develop ChromA, Maltcms modular application toolkit for chromatography—mass spectrometryavailable at http: Nils hoffmann dates authors would like to thank Tony Watt nils hoffmann dates providing the example GC-MS data available for evaluation on the web site.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Sign In or Create an Account. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

BioinformaticsVolume 25, Issue 16, 15 AugustPages —, https: View large Download slide. Untargeted large-scale plant metabolomics using liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.

Predictive metabolite profiling applying hierarchical multivariate curve resolution to GC-MS data a potential tool for multi-parametric diagnosis.

A common open representation of mass spectrometry data and its application to proteomics research. Characterization of normal human cells by pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry.

A dynamic programming approach for the alignment of signal peaks in multiple gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments. Retention index thresholds for compound matching in GC—MS metabolite profiling.

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