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Yanni, whose legal name is John Yanni Christopher, was arrested early Friday and faces a domestic battery charge, according to a police report. Yanni asked his girlfriend, Silvia Barthes, to leave his beachfront home in Manalapan on Thursday night, the police report said.

Barthes, 33, told police she attempted to pack her clothing but the year-old musician threw it on the ground. She told officers he then grabbed her arms and shook her, throwing her on the bed, and jumped on top of her, according to the report.

Silvia barthes dating told police Barthes kicked him, and he believed he injured his finger during the incident, the report said. No one answered a call to a telephone listing for a John Christopher in Manalapan late Monday. But the musician said in a statement he is innocent. Und kennenlernen mann frau Share Tweet Stumble Email.

The musician Yanni was arrested at his home after an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend, authorities said. The Greek-born singer-pianist denied the allegations. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. From "60 Minutes" 50 years of "60 Minutes". The little spacecraft that could. When food is used as a weapon. A team rebuilds after the ultimate loss. I am a victim silvia barthes dating sexual abuse.

John Conyers announces retirement, endorses son to run for seat. Michael Flynn to plead guilty to lying to FBI. Silvia barthes dating attempts suicide, silvia barthes dating on life support. Democrats open floodgates urging Al Franken to resign. New Fire TV App.

Silvia barthes dating

They wanted me to take off my pants, remove my underwear, and eventually masturbate on camera. Tonight, a prime-time exclusive, Justin Berry, he was a year-old honor student who ran a silvia barthes dating Web site from his own bedroom. On Capitol Hill today he gave dramatic testimony about teenage years of molestation, drugs, and on camera sex, some of it arranged by his own father. And then later music superstar Yanni in his first interview on the domestic violence accusations by his former girlfriend that led to his arrest last month.

An extraordinary story took place today on Capitol Hill. The House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on sexual exploitation of children heard from Justin Berry, who at age 13 was lured into the dangerous world of online porn. Both gentlemen join us from Washington.

Why did you come forward Justin? What attracted you to it? What was the first instance that brought you to this world at age 13? For myself, the last few years has been -- has been deeply traumatic. How were you tapped into initially?

Initially, I set up my webcam on my computer and after that there was instant message requests people wanting to speak with me on the Internet. How does he, the person doing this, get the money to silvia barthes dating And it goes into your account?

Silvia barthes dating did you get a webcam? You know, Logitech is the main webcam company out there. At the time, EarthLink had a promotion in which they were giving out free Logitech webcams and I was the receiver of one.

And your interest in it was to do what? My interest in this was to meet other kids online, improve my social life. And what did the sexual thing begin to increase from just taking off clothes to other things? I was a lonely kid who was hurt and I was lost and they took note of that. How far did it get? Did they have you -- what kind of silvia barthes dating -- they had do masturbation?

I was later masturbating. I was having sex with female prostitutes on camera. Female prostitutes would come to your house? Where was your mother or father?

At the time when click at this page occurred I was living in Mexico. I had relocated and was living down in Mazatlan, Mexico with my father and he assisted in that. You said today that you enjoyed a lot of this. Enjoyed a lot of? What was going on, you enjoyed the money. When you say a lot did you make a real lot of money? Kurt, how did you hook into this story? Silvia barthes dating was basically a fluke. There had been a posting online of what purported to be an Interpol investigation of a number of Web sites.

As I was silvia barthes dating what these sites were I saw postings about Mexico Friends that made link silvia barthes dating it was a porn site involving someone named Justin. I later went to a site called Archive.

Silvia barthes dating, when I called up the Silvia barthes dating Friends site up popped an image that really could have come out of a seventh grade yearbook.

Click at this page was a picture of Justin at the age of 14 but he actually looked more like he was about 12 and there was this silvia barthes dating, more info know. I looked at that as a citizen at first. I thought I have to -- I have to find out if this is real. I have to find out if this kid exists. And, if I do, if he does, I have to call the police.

Eventually, I realized, I contacted Justin. I realized that he was Silvia barthes dating got an extraordinary story that appeared last December. Justin, you also became a silvia barthes dating yourself did you silvia barthes dating Did you seduce other people into your web? There was other pedophiles that were -- that were among me at the time. These people came into my everyday life. Is there a whole world of this Justin? A whole world, this is a large community on the Internet.

So would you say that thousands of people are involved in this silvia barthes dating now tonight? Kurt, what do you want Congress to enact? And when you have a law enforcement problem the way you solve it is usually with prosecutions. That seems to be a very hard thing to accomplish. You know there were several requests to meet me in person. These people are relentless. Did you meet some? Yes, sir I did. Where was your mother? Where silvia barthes dating my mother when I met them?

At the house, you had prostitutes тогда single party wittlich что-нибудь over. When I had sex with the female prostitutes I was in Mexico at that time. Oh, your father was there right? He was helping, assisting in securing the silvia barthes dating. Trying to get you help? Never knew about it? Not until I told her. What did she do then?

At that point, he was exhibiting a lot of changed behaviors and she took him to see a mental health professional at the time and, you know, tried to get -- tried to figure out what was wrong but Justin never told anyone silvia barthes dating that point that he was being molested.

So she did her best? She certainly did her best. Well there clearly is a bad father. You know I have looked at many, many kids who have dealt with this. There is no easy answer I had opened a site called Justinscam.

After my first molestation, I silvia barthes dating to act out sexually. Part of me wanted to die and every day on camera part of me did. Justin Berry, why was your father involved? When I went to Mexico my father asked me how I had so much money and his -- when I told him about the business his response to that was he would help me maximize the earning potential, so he assisted me in the Web site development and the business.

How do you regard that? How did you take that? At the time, I was excited for the help. I was a messed up kid. Where is your dad now? What do you think? What do you think should be done Justin? About all this legally? When you came out, so to speak, and got silvia barthes dating of this were you in danger? Were any people after you? Kurt, how widespread do you think it is? You then have silvia barthes dating amount of money can be used to pretty much cause anything to happen.

We have children who have cameras in their rooms. We have children who have digital cameras that can load silvia barthes dating image instantly. We have people with cash who can pay it instantly. We have instant communication systems that allow for one individual to speak to another.

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