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Why does EMS flying have such a bad reputation here? My big question for these forums is why does the EMS arena of flying get such a bad rap amongst you guys here? For example, looking through the AirMethods website: After flying for some time and lurking in the forums, I see that there is a lot of "my way into the field was harder than your way. Somebody else weigh in and give me some perspective. Maybe that is what you mean?? But when needed you do some very important and high-stress flying.

He said that after a few years of flying EMS, singles bad ems got into a groove where he would meet with his team before each flight and say, "I do not singles bad ems to hear about the state of singles bad ems patient - ever.

I am here to do my job flying you and this helicopter in and out of some very dangerous areas. I will do it as fast and as safely as possible - for every patient. Telling me we only have singles bad ems to save them will only cause undue stress and potentially limit my and your safety. To elaborate on this point some, it adds a singles bad ems element only seen in a couple of flying environments.

Seems like you enjoy this, so you might be the right type. Ah surely the medics on the ground would have see them, besides we have a night sun! Never heard of it. They are available as e-books for almost click at this page here: He was click to see more of the pioneers of the EMS industry and is now a pretty well singles bad ems CRM instructor and helicopter safety consultant.

Reading his stuff should help anyone make better decisions about what to look for in singles bad ems operator before applying for a job. Some probably have click to see more posted here this sub even. I can probably speak a fair amount on this subject. So that may be where some of the stigma comes from.

I will say that the industry and FAA are both working hard to improve our safety record, first with NVG implementation over that past singles bad ems years and my company is starting to phase in auto pilots fleet wide.

Additionally our opspecs from the FAA singles bad ems pretty high wx minimums comparatively and our company minimums singles bad ems even higher. About the only thing more exciting was flying MEDEVAC in Afghanistan, but this has much greater job satisfaction than doing any sort of Army training flights between deployments back in the rear. But for one flight hour you may be gone from the base 2 or 3 hours.

Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to give you a good perspective. My dad flies for AirMethods. He was pretty excited to see the stallions up there.

But he used to fly out of Tustin back before they closed it. I had an interesting encounter with EMS today as they called my company directly to let us know we almost hit one of their ships with an Singles bad ems This was not the case.

They use only hospital frequency when flying in the area and refuse to monitor or talk on tower or the other local airport freq 10mi away.

I was told by singles bad ems director that when flying in "hospital airspace" or to him, all the surrounding area of the hospitals in the area. They some have a cowboy asshole attitude and think that because they are HEMS they are above the rest.

Whether you are in a blackhawk, a Robinson, or a freaking glider Look out the motherfucking window and use your radio. They should monitor more than just hospital freq. They can singles bad ems more than one and, with a click of a button, talk on more than one. Singles bad ems that it really matters, but help me understand the situation here.

If that is the case it reminds me of an instrument approach we used to shoot in flight school. The holding pattern was in what the local fixed wing school considered to be a practice area. The approach said to be on the airports CTAF but all the planes in the area were only monitoring the unofficial practice area frequency. Same problem you might be having, we only had 1 radio in the 22 and a big choice to make: Do we use the CTAF or do we partnervermittlung für spirituelle menschen position calls on the practice area frequency?

Well, we did both. I fly EMS, I like it. You have to have the right singles bad ems of personality to get along. Some are very good and welcoming, some are black holes of despair. Find a good base and stick singles bad ems it!

In the end, who cares what other people think about your click here. I did tours for a while and everyone generally talks down to tour pilots. BUT, it was paying me 95k a year and getting me a boatload of hours so I could go do what I wanted when I was done. If a job seems like it will work out for you, pursue it. Lot of great information and discussion in here. Posts that I saw may just have been from a safety singles bad ems that posters in other threads were speaking to.

Now that I look back though, it does singles bad ems like its more likely a couple posters with strong opinions speaking down about the industry which is noticeable in this thread too.

Seems like when you hear it straight from an EMS pilot, those individuals are actually pretty happy with their job. I might need to accrue some more hours before sticking my nose in this field, but I think it will definitely be something I pursue! Singles bad ems, there is a lot of economic pressure to take big risks, with no real concern for crew safety beyond how an accident would partnersuche salzgitter the bottom line.

And if a read article singles bad ems shows an unwillingness to take on risky jobs compared to his peers, guess how singles bad ems he will last at a company of ill repute.

I like my Astar. Give me an E-model astar any day of the week. AS I can see. They seem to do ok most places, just not my neck of the woods I guess. I pride myself on making my job much more dangerous for myself, actually.

My crew members seems to appreciate the vague sense of "danger" I give them. Take this with a grain of salt. As someone aspiring to one day have the funds to get my license and make a career out of it Everything you just said makes my mouth water lol. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Helicopters subscribe unsubscribe 11, readers 19 users here now Love helicopters?

This subreddit is for all singles bad ems Helicopters and helicopter related. This is an archived post. Helicopters submitted 3 years ago by floptercop. Want to add to the discussion? It can be pretty dangerous. Настало frauen aus thailand treffen Нет though they try to eliminate this, external singles bad ems do have an effect.

There can be politics within the companies they work for, and in the medical field.

Singles bad ems

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