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I love the design, the weight, and the price. I contacted the sales people but of course they will always give a glowing review on a product. So any info about them would really help.

I used the TFS double horn lb anvil for a few months at a shop I worked in. It seemed like a fine anvil. I do not like the hardy hole so close to the round horn on the larger TFS double horn. Some of your hardy tools can hang out over the horn and be unsupported. I plan to buy a Refflinghaus 57 lb. There hardy hole is set farther into the face.

TFS anvils are made from ductile iron not steel. To me the investment is to large not to get the steel anvil. There are several and tool steel anvils in the — range that are in the same price range or click the following article slightly higher. I would look at Nimba, Fontanini, Rhino, and Peddinghaus. That being said I worked on a JMH Competitor, also ductile iron, for a week and thought it was a very good anvil.

The owner of the anvil works on it full tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil and he had only positive things to say about it. I see your point. I had just seen the tfs anvils and liked there weight, and design. I also will have a good chance of not paying any click at this page of shipping because I continue reading buy one direct from a farrier supply place where I live. If I could hear from someone that has actually owned one and has compared them to similar anvils it would make my choice much easier.

But saving an additional männer wo kennenlernen ich nette kann on shipping alone is quite hard to pass up. I know quite a few farriers here in Oklahoma, and they all say Texas farrier supply puts out quality anvils. They shipped it to a freight terminal in my town and I went and picked it up as that was the cheapest shipping option. Have you gotten a freight quote from anyone yet? Before I ordered my anvil from Blacksmiths Depot I checked with customer service at HD and they could order one for me and have it delivered to the without a shipping charge.

It might be worth checking with Home Depot to see what they can get one for. I do hope someone here has a TFS they can give a review of.

I am in that area at least once a year and have been considering getting one of the smaller ones for my son. Thank you for the advice.

Who were the ones you got quotes from? I wonder if Blacksmith Deport, Pieh, or Centar have better arrangements with the shipping companies? I had to enter there pallet size, weight, etc. The ductile iron they use is hardenable just like any tool steel. I did some more research on the exact ductile iron used. The mechanical properties of will be similar to medium carbon steels that contain up to 0. All grades sareunited gay singles ductile iron bar stock respond tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil well to conventional heat-treating methods.

Like you, I had a lot of quotes from shipping companies that were astronomical, but I waited. A sweet lb Peter wright that I still have nightmares about.

I am in a place now that I can afford a brand new anvil. With not paying a dime for shipping on a TFS anvil has really caught my attention.

Not about shipping prices so much. Thank you guys for the help. I really apreciate all the valuable info. You might shoot primtechsmith a PM. I know he uses a JMH Competitor and is pretty pleased with it.

I think if you checked with a manufacturer or one of the blacksmith supply companies that already has a relationship with a shipping company the rates will be much less than what you are getting quoted. I also agree it would be awesome to have a lb double horn anvil sitting in my shop. What is the price of the TFS from your local guy? If your guy is tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil than that there may be a hidden shipping charge so to speak.

Good luck with your purchase no matter what you choose. If you do get tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil TFS please post a review on it as I would like to know how they perform. Watch out for some of those "cheap" shipping companies. You make very good points kubiack. The farrier supply place has told me shipping would be free, they are supposed to contact me with the exact price sometime soon. Thank you so much for the link to primetechsnith I will shoot him a pm and see what he has to say about the JMH.

If Home Depot gives free shipping and a slightly lower price than what kayne and son are offering ill jump on that Peddinghaus. Pound for pound and convenience. Or unless someone shows up saying to steer clear of it. Does it have a step? Location and size of the hardy hole?

Location and size of the pritchel hole? Width of the face? Shape of the heel? Shape of the tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil Отвлекла diez mil maneras single de david bisbal вынула personally advocate a step, tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil 1" hardy hole toward the heel, an offset pritchel hole, a wide face, conical horn and tapered heel. Hardness and composition of the steel is very important: Below about 52 Rockwell it dents too easily.

Above about 58 Rockwell the edges are likely to chip. High chrome content helps make it tougher. Thanks for all the help fellas. I own tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil lb tfs blacksmith anvil. Ok finally I have arrived with a full review of the TFS smithy special lber!! Better late than never, after a nasty surgery and a divorce later I finally am back on this web page anvil!!

Shipping was absolutely free! If you have a farrier supply place any where near you, have them order it for you on there next big shipment! It was delivered way faster than Tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil anticipated. TFS was tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil than helpful and so was Natures Farm farrier supply here in Norman Oklahoma, helpful and knowledgable people!

The price was just so tempting, it seemed to good to be true. The finish and paint are absolutely beautiful! Mind you it still did not affect the performance of the anvil in anyway! The round horn was painted on the tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil, which is quite annoying and so was the upsetting block. The angled horn was more info squared as nicely as I could have been at the very end.

Instead of it coming to a nice square point it was a sloppy angle, which again is easily taken care of. The rebound, ring, and all around performance of this anvil is a dream. With a proper stand. She will move the metal beautifully! I even had to strike the top of her with a 6lb well dressed sledge to seat her in my stand! Not so much as scratch on just click for source top!

It seemed to just polish the top on the spots I hit, not dent it. Striking anywhere in the anvil you get the same rebound, which I was worried about when I tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil purchased the anvil. She rings like a bell, much more so than my old Trenton, and the TFS has a huge waist and working surface. The design is a perfect double horn smithing anvil. Complete with large pritchel hole, a side table, a 1inch hardy hole, an upsetting block, nice wide base, tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil finished tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil horn, and a huge work surface!

My final thoughts on this anvil. It was everything I needed. Everything I wanted, and all at a very reasonable price. Would I recommend anyone purchasing them. Do I know how she will hold up after years of everyday use by a professional smith? No, but she fits my needs, and she gets the job done. Tripod campfire kettle holder, tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil of course that beastly beauty sitting atop her throne.

Texas Farrier Supply

I have been looking for a lb. After about a year of fruitless searching, I purchased a new Texas Farrier Supply Blacksmith anvil. My shop anvil is a Old World German Wie flirten männer über 50 that has served me very well for the past 5 years. I ordered the anvil from a local Farrier Supply who said they bought from Delta Horseshoe.

It took only a week to get the anvil to Houston and I paid no shipping charges. Not cheap but not that much more than an eBay anvil of questionable heritage for which premiums are usually paid. The anvil came wrapped partnersuche kennenlernen cellophane, no crate.

The anvil body was painted flat black and it had no rust on it. The horn and face were ground to an acceptable finish, not further grinding is necessary except for rounding the edges.

Evidence of grinding to remove superficial defects was found on the horn near the cutting table. It is only an aesthetic issue and the blemish will cause no problems. The tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil appears to have been cast on its side. The parting line was ground but not cleanly. The casting gates were roughly ground off and evidence of their presence remains. I tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil the anvil on my garage floor and did the ball bearing test.

I put it on the wooden stand and repeated the test with the same results. The manufacturer says the anvil is hardened to Rc52 and the rebound and file bite suggests this is about right. Last tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil all, I fired the forge and made my first tool for this anvil: The anvil rang more than my pounder but my big anvil is chained down click the stand.

The TFS anvil is just sitting on top of the stand. I plan to continue reading it down to reduce the ring.

While my hammer control has improved since I did the review of the Russian Anvil, this anvil showed no marking click any kind after my first project. The anvil returned the hammer well enough. Not as good as my bigger anvil but it will work just fine. I like the nn bekanntschaften conical horn as it tapers to a more info point than my Old World German.

The hardy hole is almost perfectly 1. The word I would use describing this anvil is, "crisp. Or get out your tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil inch angle grinder with flap wheel and clean it up.

The way you described its forging characterisitics Id say its tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil real nice anvil Id be proud to own it. It is a very serviceable anvil but it could be made more aesthetically appealing. My Old World Anvil has no such cosmetic imperfections.

Does anyone know what these are made of? As much as I have done from scratch fabricating did not make my own steel and grinding I was exaggerating a bit. So, I know nothing about anvils to be commenting- should have kept my mouth shut. It is a very crisply shaped anvil and so I can see that flash would be distraction. Drew, the anvils are cast steel, probably about. It is not malleable iron.

Malleable iron is just grey cast iron that has been normalized for an extended period of time that causes the graphite flakes to dissolve into little colonies of pearlite in a ferrite matrix. It is still basically cast iron and this anvil is NOT cast iron. And yes, I could dress it up a bit and maybe I will do just that. This can be confirmed with the Single aus malaysia factory.

If you call the Delta company and talk to someone who knows, they will confirm that TFS anvils are made räder wien ductile cast iron. JHM anvils are also ductile cast iron. You can find out for tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil. Ductile cast iron makes a serviceable anvil. It is a lower cost process than making anvils out of steel. It is heat treatable. It has tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil carbon content as high as 4.

It is not brittle like other cast irons. The process was developed in Still the on-line metallurgist on the knife forum? I have one of these anvils at the college of welding knowledge. This anvil serves well with various skill level blacksmithing students, but does take the occasional ding.

Heat treatable is the key. As we all know, with correct elemental make-up, some ferrous pieces can be made click here enough for Thor. I found the phone number for Texas Farrier Supply and I will call them and ask about the material. Rutterbush, good to see you!

Too many arrogant know-it-alls and prima donna metallurgists! Well, you live and learn. While I am disappointed that it is not cast steel, I still tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil complain about the performance of the anvil. It is a good hard surface and the finish, although not elegant, is acceptable. I thought it might be helpful to explain the differences between grey iron, malleable iron and ductile iron. Grey iron gets its name from the grey sooty appearance of the fracture surface when grey iron tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil broken.

It is brittle because a crack can jump from flake to flake and easily propagate to complete failure. Malleable iron is basically grey iron that his heated to about normalizing temperature and held at temperature for many hours. The graphite flakes tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil to break down and dissolve into the iron matrix.

When cooled, the malleable iron has a structure of pearlite iron carbide and pure iron colonies in ferrite pure iron. By getting rid of the flakes of graphite, cracks cannot propagate so easily and the ductility of the cast iron is greatly improved. Ductile iron is unique. Ferro-magnesium is placed in the bottom of the casting ladle and covered with steel scrap.

Grey Iron is poured into the ladle causing the magnesium to flare up causing the iron to froth. The graphite precipitates in the bubbles caused by the magnesium flare and when cooled, the iron has tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil spheres instead of flakes. An alternate method is to use magnesium wire that is fed into the molten iron.

Either way creates an iron tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil graphite spheres. Now when a crack starts and encounters a sphere, it tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil. The energy to propagate the crack is spread over the sphere and is insufficient to continue propagating until a larger force is applied. The graphite spheres also propagate sound waves better than grey iron flakes tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil it will ring when struck by a hammer.

Grey iron and to some degree, malleable iron have a dull thud when struck. We will see about tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil suitability of ductile iron. It is what some US companies are doing to keep the price down. Sounds like the price was right. In many ways it compares favorably to a steel anvil and probably better than some. Big grain size and soft. They do work harden some, but have to get pretty banged up in order to get any harder.

I used a JHM ductile iron anvil at a demo site and thought it was a good anvil. Unfortunately new anvils are high priced. The higher the price the better the anvil. Give us a report after you have used it for a few years. A few small dings in tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil surface but no big ugly divots.

The casting quality is better, too. As I said previously, I started my career as a foundry metallurgist in a gray and ductile iron foundry so I do have some practical understanding of the tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil and limitations of ductile iron. Good as cast steel? Ductile iron anvils do have some good qualities and those could be advertised also. From experience, they are tough, and they are guaranteed to be RC I know that about the anvils, but tfs single-horn blacksmith anvil much about rodgau singles kind of steel.

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